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This grouping of services and products is aimed at providing a holistic solution for sub-contractors. Inclusive with these integration services are three unlocked databases of fabrication level content. These services and products are not just for those that leverage the Autodesk Fabrication Suite but Revit as well. This process forward offering is bespoke to the needs of each specific client and project.
Allow us to show you our customized process can Enhance your Dynamic Processes!

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    Help Us, Help You

    Before providing any recommendations for services or products we take the time to listen.

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    Where we're going we don't need roads!

    Creating roadmaps helps provide transparency and delineate deliverables.

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    We work together to solve the business and technology challenges of today and tomorrow.

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    It is our goal to make scalable successful processes.

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Improving the Built Environment


Made by pracitioners, for practioners. All our solutions experts have been in the industry a minimum of 5 years. This empowers you to draw from a vast body of practical experience.


We customize all of our Dynamix solutions to achieve the highest amount of value. This provides ENGworks to provide agile work processes.


Our content creation team has worked with more than 300 manufacturers to focus on creating virtual products. With over 10 years of content creation experience we have extensive trade specific databases of products.


Building information modeling has caused a shift in effort. By front loading our strategy we are able to begin with the end in mind. This may include drawing standardization, shop standardization and needs & as-built model requirements.


Creating a virtual model is only as good as the information that is embedded within it. It is possible to include design, costing & facilities management information in the models we help to create.


To achieve the most benefit from creating virtual models, it is of upmost importance to be able to transfer the information from the office to the field. ENGworks works with you to create a process to utilize any available field layout technology.


For more than two decades, ENGworks has continuously developed new processes, tools and services for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Trade Contractors, Construction Managers, Manufacturers, as well as Owners and Operators. Today, ENGworks is an internationally recognized Building Information Modeling (BIM) service and solutions provider.

Our Goal is to help our clients design and build better projects by saving construction costs and time through implementing the full potential of BIM; we have taken cutting edge technology, sharpened it, and then applied it to everything we know about BIM technology and the AECO Industry.

Our areas of expertise include BIM processes and standards throughout the life cycle of projects: From BIM Implementation and Training, to BIM Content Creation, to BIM Modeling in multiple platforms (Revit, Bentley, CADmep+, and many others), to BIM Coordination, Fabrication and Shop Drawings, to 4D Construction Scheduling, and through to Facilities Management.


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The team of professionals at ENGworks has a wide range of background and experience. Our passion for creating solutions that are sustainable and innovative allow us to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. We strive to not only surpass the goals of each project, but to maintain long lasting relationships with our clients.

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